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Shoelace Aglet Crimper

Our tools are the best for crimping metal shoelaces, our crimping pliers are exceptional for attaching metal shoelaces. Our tools are also stable and efficient.

Shoelace Crimp

The Shoelace crimp tool is top-quality for leading with points or d-rings, helping to tighten a tips hoodie or plier, the heavy-duty metal Shoelace aglets make it effortless to get a tight crimp. and the pliers have an extra-large head for pulling and members, the heavy-duty metal Shoelace Aglet is designed for use on hoodies and other metal components. It is manufactured of heavy-duty metal and features technology to keep it sharp and in condition, it is again handmade and final product. The Shoelace aglets tool is a simple metal tool that helps to add a few d-nits to your crimping, it comes with two blades and a sharp blade, making it an useful tool for any crimping job. The Shoelace Aglet crimping tool is a top-of-the-line tool for crimping the ends of metal shoelaces, it presents a comfortable design and can handle a variety of positions. The tool also presents a durable construction that will never let you down.