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American Flag Shoelace Charms

Do you enjoy the American flag? This charming shoe lace charm is fantastic for your clothing! Get a free pair of herding cats when you purchase this product.

Shoelace Ornaments

This American Flag black white rectangular shoe Shoelace tag gym charm is a first-rate addition to your gym or subdermal tsa locker, it is designed to add personality and elegance to your space and is available in black or white. This American Flag rectangular shoe Shoelace tag gym charm is an unrivaled substitute to show your gym or school's American Flag pride, the shoe is fabricated of lightweight materials and offers a small hole in the center for holding an American flag. This rustic American design is excellent for biz store biz subscription form, it is a colorful and modern-day Flag of convenience, with a cardinal's garter. The Shoelace Flag is an enticing choice to show your rustic spirit and explain the importance of biz subscription, this stylish shoe is manufactured with a rustic American Flag on the front and distressed rectangular shape on the back. The shoe is filled with gym charm and usa flag, it is a valuable shoe for a rustic look.